August 18, 2022

Today’s Maternal Health Reality

Fact #1: nearly 50% of all moms are missing essential prenatal support because ‘they’re falling through the cracks.’
Fact #2: the number of women who died giving birth in America has nearly doubled in the last two decades.
Fact #3: The U.S. has higher rates of maternal deaths than 45 other countries and is the only developed country with a consistently rising maternal mortality rate.
Fact #4: Provider shortages, lack of insurance, racial and socioeconomic disparities, and lack of comprehensive, coordinated care are all factors. But steps can be taken to make sure over half of these maternal deaths are preventable.

What We Do to Help Address the Current Maternity Landscape

Every day, Lucina works with health plans to manage patient care by providing an analytics platform plug-in; this plug-in assists existing care management systems using predictive power to identify and prioritize at-risk mothers and uncover potential complications – without disrupting workflow or resources.
We identify these women usually within the first trimester. From there, health care professionals provide personalized resources that improve the health and well-being of women, increasing the chances for healthier birth outcomes and creating healthier communities.

How we Do it – Our Process

  • We find – 3,000 + early pregnancy identifiers.
  • We profile – Synthesize data to form a comprehensive view of health.
  • We assess – 7,000 + risk factors in real-time.
  • We connect – Engage patients in personalized care plans.
  • We track – Measure outcomes and leading indicators.

And we operate within all current regulatory requirements while being able to adapt to new regulations alongside health care practices.

How Are We Different?

Using Lucina, health plans can:

  • Identify 98% of moms before delivery and 72% in the first trimester to improve early intervention and drive quality improvements, like 1st-trimester prenatal visits and postpartum follow-ups.
  • Provide care managers the tools they need to intervene early and create personalized pregnancy care plans. Assist in lowering pre-term birth rates, number of low-birth-weight newborns, and NICU utilization by 9.8%, leading to better patient outcomes and healthcare savings.

What Others are Saying About Us

It’s easy for us to talk about what we can do and how we can do it. But what are others saying about our technology? Care managers at national health plans say:

  • “Since Lucina started submitting the identifications, we didn’t need our manual reports to identify pregnant moms.”
  • “I actually get to concentrate on helping our patients.”
  • “Lucina is maternity-specific and focused; it is much more geared toward our population.”
  • “We trust Lucina fully and have never seen as many identifications as we are now.”

Our Results

And now the evidence. Using our proprietary systems, we can deliver:

  • A nearly 10 percent reduction in NICU usage.
  • Over 10% reduction in pre-term births.
  • A 64% reduction in racial disparities for maternal outcomes.
  • 98% of moms identified before delivery.
  • $13,000 in savings per NICU admission.